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Are you looking for tough and robust accessories for in the kitchen or behind the barbecue? Then our leather oven gloves and potholders are just the thing for you. With their tough and robust look, the potholders and oven gloves will look great in your kitchen. The accessories are also very functional. The accessories are heat-resistant and very flexible. This makes the accessories easy to use and protects you from getting burnt when, for example, you want to use hot barbecue tongs or take a dish out of the oven. The leather also makes the oven gloves and potholders, water-repellent and removable. This makes the accessories easy to clean.


The accessories are made of leather sourced from India. Leather from India was chosen because of the good quality of the leather, and the way the cows are treated. In India, cows are sacred beings and have a good and free life. The high quality of the leather ensures, that the accessories have a long lifespan. This makes our Muud potholders and oven gloves a good investment. The potholders and oven gloves are sold separately, but are very handy to use in combination.

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Muud London
27,00 (Including tax)
Color: Whisky, Zwart
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Muud Paris - Zwart
40,00 (Including tax)
In stock
Muud Paris - Whisky
40,00 (Including tax)