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Headphone covers

Are you looking for a luxurious and stylish case for your headphones or speaker? Then our leather Muud storage sleeves are for you. We have several storage cases specially made for headphones and speakers. Our storage cases are very stylish because of the sleek Danish design with Scandinavian influences. This makes you happy to be seen with our storage covers. In addition, our storage covers protect your headphones or speakers from damage. Some of them have a Neoprene lining to prevent damage, while others allow you to secure your headphones.


When designing, we made sure that, the storage covers are suitable for almost all headphones. So you too can store your headphones stylishly in one of our storage sleeves. The storage cases are made of leather from India. We chose leather from India, as this leather is of very high quality and the cows in India have a good and free life. The high quality of the leather makes the storage covers very sturdy and long-lasting. The storage covers are also water-repellent. This makes a Muud storage cover a good investment. Surely your headphones or speaker deserve a high-quality, luxury storage case.

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Muud Brussels
67,10 (Including tax)
Color: Whisky, Zwart
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Muud Jacksonville
100,00 (Including tax)
Color: Whisky, Zwart
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Muud opberghoes Boston
40,00 (Including tax)
Color: Whisky, Zwart