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Laptop Sleeves

Are you looking for a luxurious and stylish storage sleeve for your laptop? Then our leather laptop sleeve is for you. Our laptop sleeve is very stylish, because of our sleek Danish design with Scandinavian influences. You will be seen at work or school with our Muud laptop sleeve. In addition, our laptop sleeve protects your laptop very well. All our laptop sleeves have an interior of neoprene, which prevents your laptop from getting damaged inside. The leather makes our laptop sleeve water repellent. As a result, our laptop sleeve protects your laptop well even in bad weather.

Our Muud laptop sleeves are made of leather from India. We chose leather from India because the leather from India is of high quality and cows in India have a good life. In India, cows walk freely in the streets and cows are even considered sacred beings. Due to the high quality of the leather, our laptop sleeves are very sturdy and the laptop sleeves have a long lifespan. Because of the long lifespan and the timeless sleek design, you will enjoy your Muud laptop sleeve for a long time. A laptop sleeve from Muud is a good investment. Your expensive laptop deserves a luxury laptop sleeve of high quality.