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BBQ schorten


Are you looking for a leather apron for behind the barbecue? Then our Muud leather barbecue aprons are just the thing for you. The leather and the sleek Danish design with Scandinavian influences give the aprons a tough and robust look. This makes our leather aprons the perfect way to stand behind the barbecue in style. Our aprons are heat-resistant and protect you from splashing fatty meat. In addition, our aprons are very comfortable. Our aprons are a lot lighter than other leather aprons. This is due to the light and supple leather used to make the aprons. Because of the supple leather, you can easily move around with the apron on. In addition, all our Muud leather aprons have adjustable straps, so the aprons are always the right size.


The aprons are made of leather sourced from India. We chose to use leather from India for our Muud aprons because the leather from India is of very high quality, and the cows in India have a good and free life. The high-quality leather makes the aprons very sturdy and long-lasting. A Muud barbecue apron is therefore a good investment. You can pull out the apron every year when it's barbecue weather. Our aprons are available in different models and colours. Which apron do you prefer to wear while barbecuing?

In stock
Muud apron North
120,00 (Including tax)
Color: Zwart, Brown, Warm Camel
In stock
Muud apron East
107,00 (Including tax)
Color: Whisky, Zwart, Hempsand, Berry, Bordeaux, Dusty Rose, Yellow, Dark Plum
In stock
Muud apron South
113,00 (Including tax)
Color: Whisky, Zwart, Brown
In stock
Muud apron Dubai
135,00 (Including tax)
Color: Whisky, Zwart, Hempsand, Warm Camel